To raise awareness to end violence against women with disabilities
Samarthyam urge all members of society to play their part in halting this pandemic that affects one in three women and girls globally

Women and girls with disabilities experience and fear various types of sexual violence in public spaces, from sexual harassment to sexual assault. It happens on streets, public transport and parks, in and around schools and workplaces, in public sanitation facilities and water and food distribution sites, or in their own neighborhoods.

To ensure safe and violence free access to all mainstream services and facilities, it is mandatory to conduct safety audits. Safe and accessible environment to ensure that women and girls with disabilities have access to all mainstream education, health, employment, transportation, information/communication and social services will enable them to live equally and with dignity.

Samarthyam’s team of women with disabilities along with planners and architects undertakes safety audits of city spaces and transport terminuses to identify hotspots and unsafe areas.

We develop manuals and guidelines on safe street designs and plans to ensure gender friendly public spaces.

Our publications provide a range of codes and standards on safety audits.