National Rural Housing & Habitat Policy, 2007:

Organized the State Level (Delhi) Focus Group Discussion on “National Rural Housing and Habitat Policy” to Government of India on 19th Feb 2007; joint venture of Samarthyam, Poorest Areas Civil Society Programme (PACS) supported by Department for International Development (DFID). The objective of the consultation workshop was to provide to the current nationwide discussion process, on the proposed Policy and initiate a dialogue on addressing issues of Universal Design in rural India through mainstream policies. The Focus Group Discussion was attended by 36 people from Civil Society Organizations (CSO), DPOs and NGOs including National Institutions under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. Government of India support compliance of barrier free environment in the Policy recently introduced.

Inclusion & Universal Accessibility in Rural India

Access for All

Access for All is our nationwide campaign to address social exclusion and promote universal accessibility for persons with disabilities in rural India.

Samarthyam has facilitated creation of Access Co-ordination Cells in 9 states of India. Since year 2001, we have trained more than 4,000 persons in rural and semi urban areas to advocate for Universal Design in social, virtual and physical environment. We aim to cover entire India in this campaign and make the real Bharat (rural India) accessible for all.


  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility
  • Empowerment
  • Gender Equality & Mainstreaming 


Recognizing the need for community-led processes that can be sustained long-term, Samarthyam undertake rights based advocacy, research, access audits and awareness campaigns.

  • To empower persons with disabilities and to promote and implement universal design features in rural areas, Samarthyam providescapacity building technical trainings on disability awarenessaccessibility auditsadvocacy & lobbying skills, etc.
  • We also organise Campaigns on Inclusion & Accessibility, gender based violence, domestic violence and gender mainstreaming in villages and blocks with the support of local DPOs, CBOs, NGOs, Panchayats and district administration.