One Billion Rising (OBR) Campaign LogoEquality, Inclusion, Freedom, Mobility and Safety….the most inclusive event for raising awareness to STOP violence against women with Disabilities, Samarthyam had formed the Delhi Rising Group on 14 February 2013 for Celebration of Life, Celebration of Diversity and above all Celebration of Womanhood!
Violence against women and girls has fractured communities and devastated women’s lives. The United Nation’s data states that 1 in 3 women in the world experience violence. That is more than one billion women living on the planet todayWe REFUSE to stand by as more than a billion women experience violence.

Samarthyam is promoting the OBR campaign to end violence against girls and women with disabilities. The call for One Billion Rising Campaign has been given by the well known feminist activist, playwright and actor – Eve Ensler.

The campaign aims to mobilize widely and catalyse millions people across the world on 14th February to raise their voices, celebrate and give a call to end violence against women and girls – ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Samarthyam has been organizing One Billion Rising (OBR), involving girls and women with disabilities. In the past two years, Samarthyam had partnered with Delhi Metro for inclusive mobility and safe public transportation system for girls and women.

Members of Samarthyam’s Women with Disabilities Forum for Action – girls, women and men with disabilities have taken out Dignity March at Connaught Place and ‘Rise, Strike and Dance’ against violence and discrimination they face in the society due to inaccessibility, their multiple vulnerability and impaired mobility.

They were joined by hawkers groups from Janpath, women with disabilities from slums and students of School of Planning & Architecture.