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It’s not easy to board buses, get route information in accessible formats, climb footpaths in wheelchair, cross road or climb foot over bridges, etc.

At times we find that accessible washrooms do not have signage, are locked or use as stores….

Roads in rural areas are not paved and signage in colour contrast is not available……

There are many such barriers that deter persons with disabilities independent movement and let them live life with dignity and safety.

Oops, I did it again and created barriers in the environment!

This image described about Oops, I did it again and created barriers in the environment!

What you can do

You can share your experience and stories with us on

  • Handicapping Environment and Social Exclusion
  • Experiencing inaccessible public spaces and transport systems?
  • Girls and women with disabilities who have faced issues in safe and independent mobility in city spaces, street harassment, violence, etc.

Raising Awareness, Policy Advocacy, Changing Laws help us in CHANGING LIVES!

I AM RINI (Ramp Is Not Inclusive)

Image about Ramps during elections handrails are hazardous

Ramps during elections handrails are hazardous

I AM TINA (Toilet Is Not Accessible)

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