In light of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article on Women with Disabilities, Article 12, Equal recognition before the law, Article 16, Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse, Article 17, Protecting the integrity of the person, and Article 23, Respect for home and the family), recognises that any form of violence that violates the rights of women and girls with disabilities is a curtailment of human rights.

  • Samarthyam has been working to promote, ensure and uphold rights of girls and women with disabilities in Asia Pacific.
  • To mainstream girls and women with disabilities, provide safety and equality, we promote gender friendly accessible services and facilities in health, education, employment/livelihood, justice, public spaces, street designs, etc.
  • We are organizing sensitization and awareness workshops for service providers, stake holders, NGOs and DPOs.
  • We undertake Policy advocacy, amendments in laws and organise campaigns in alliance with other women groups and CSOs to include WwDs.
  • We are organising campaigns to end Violence Against Women.
  • We are moderating the Women with Disabilities India Network and have facilitated workshops all over the country to empower girls and women with disabilities to stand for their own rights

End Violence Against Girls & Women