Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

Samarthyam provides training of first responders and emergency managers to ensure that disaster and emergency plans and responses are disability inclusive. We undertake training sessions for persons with disabilities to ensure they understand the importance of self-preparation, planning and evacuation so that they have the skills and information they need to stay safe until help can arrive.

Samarthyam works with Emergency Management Organizations on the development of Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness Policies, Plans and Protocols.

Samarthyam can work with broadcasters and Emergency Management Organizations to develop protocols and standard messaging for accessible early warning and the communication of emergency and disaster related information.

Accessible Andaman, post-Tsunami, 2005-07:

Supporting Pioneering Efforts for Rehabilitation and Empowerment of Disabled People in the Andaman Islands, Samarthyam organized a series of training workshops for PWD engineers and architects in Port Blair and Rangat, Middle Andaman. Trainings enabled the professionals and government officers to lobby and advocate for universal accessibility thereby resulting in Universal Design features in up gradation/renovation of public spaces.

Post Earthquake reconstruction work in Gujarat, July 2003:

Samarthyam facilitated series of 8 sensitization workshops organized by Handicap International in Ahmadabad, Bhuj and Vadodra for:

  • Architects and Town Planners & members from Municipal bodies etc., Ahmadabad;
  • Architecture and Interior Design Schools, Ahmadabad;
  • Faculty and students of School of Interior Design, Ahmadabad;
  • School of Architecture, Vadodra;
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmadabad;
  • Schools and colleges, Ahmadabad;
  • Academic Institutions and
  • NGO’s and Development Organizations.