Mr. Chakravarti is Universal Design Consultant, Researcher and Resource Person for awareness raising workshops on Inclusive & Universal Design organized for several national and international organizations.

He is subject expert on making pedestrian environment, transport infrastructure and public buildings, accessible for all.

He has immense experience of working with centre for excellence and academic institutions such as Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Design, School of Planning & Architectures, etc.

He is leading the Accessible India Campaign, Right to Sanitation and Violence Against Women Campaigns to mainstream marginalized groups and women with disabilities.


Over 5900 public buildings in the country since 2006
Lead Access Auditor, Accessible India Campaign- 5 cities: Pune, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Trivandrum and Raipur


  1. 2016 Co- organiser, accountABILITY: Advancing rights of women with disabilities, AWID Forum, Brazil
  2. 2016 Co-speaker, United Nations, Zero Project Conference on Schools for All, Vienna, Austria
  3. 2015 Speaker, Universal Accessibility, 3rd World Conference, The Hague, Netherlands
  4. 2015 South Asian Feminist Regional Forum, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  5. 2015 Delegate, Consultation of State Parties 8th Session (COSP8), the United Nations, New York
  6. 2015 Participant, Business for All, Association of Women with Disabilities, Kazakhstan
  7. 2015 Observer, Working Group, Make The Right Real, Incheon Strategy, UN ESCAP, New Delhi, India
  8. 2014 Participant, The Transport Forum, Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines
  9. 2014 58th Session of CEDAW, UN Head Quarters, Geneva, Switzerland
  10. 2013 Member, India Delegation on Right to Sanitation Campaign in South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal
  11. 2012 Co-authored papers, 13th International Conference on Transport & Mobility for Elderly & the Disabled, New Delhi, India
  12. 2012 Resource Person and Organizer, Access for All Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  13. 2010 Scholarship Recipient, 12th International Conference on Transport & Mobility for Elderly & the Disabled, Hong Kong
  14. 2009 Access Consultant for framing of Universal Design Guidelines for Refugee Camps and villages, Bangladesh


  1. 2016 Urban Roads Manual, Indian Roads Congress
  2. 2014 Universal Accessibility in Walkability, Non Motorised Vehicles and Public Transport Usage
  3. 2013 Access Audit Reports of WASH Facilities for Persons with Disabilities, Jharkhand
  4. 2012 Anthropometric Study of Mobility Aid Users: India Specific
  5. 2010 Accessibility Research and Comparative Analysis of Building Standards & regulations (Building Bye-Laws) in various states of India
  6. 2012 “Research study on IRC: 103-1988 -Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities”, Indian Road Congress
  7. 2010 Action Oriented Research Project On Community Accessibility & Inclusion Audit
  8. 2008 “Research on Right of Way in Road & Street Infrastructure for Persons with Severe Disabilities”
  9. 2009 “Research & Design for Braille Registration plates and Audio Meters in TSR Auto Rickshaws”


  1. 2016 Co-Authored Harmonized Guidelines And Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly Persons, Ministry of Urban Development, GoI
  2.  2015 Co-Authored “Training Manual to promote Universal Design- Training of Trainers on Access Audits”, Third Edition, published by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)
  3. 2015 Handbook Air Travel: Sensitization and Training, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,Government of India
  4. 2015 Practitioner’s Manual on Inclusive WASH: Schools and Public Spaces, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India
  5. 2014 School Audit Toolkit, UNICEF
  6. 2014 Co-authored Universal Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrian, Non-motorised Vehicles and Public Transportation
  7. 2014 Co-authored Universal Design Guidelines on Way finding and Signage, National Institute of Design, Samarthyam and Unnati
  8. 2014 Guidelines on Barrier free Environment in schools for children with disabilities
  9. 2014 Guidelines on Universal Design in Hospitals & Residential Facilities
    Co-authored Guidelines on Space Standards for barrier Free Environment for disabled and Elderly, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India
  10. 2013 Universal Design Toolkit on Public Transit Systems: Facilities & Services
  11. 2012 Co-authored IRC: 103 Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities for Indian Roads Congress, Co-authored UTTIPEC Street Design Guidelines for Government of Delhi, India Co-authored Access Advocacy Toolkit for VSO India, DFID and CBM
  12. 2006– 15 Technical Brochures on “Access for All” and “Internal & External Design Considerations”, for Professionals, Administrators and Planners, published by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India; VSO, CBM, FICCI SEDF and Handicap International

Access Audit Workshop Co-ordinator:

  1. 2016 Sightsaver, Bhopal for civil engineers, architects, corporate and collector
  2. 2014-15 CBM (International NGO)
  3. 2012-14 Universal Design Training Workshops- 10 states of India for civil engineers, architects
  4. 2013 Sanitation for All, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Chennai
  5. 2010-12 Access for All workshops in 9 states of India covering 23 cities and districts and trained more than 6000 professionals, planners and persons with disabilities
  6. 2012 Unnati, Ahmadabad for 45 architects, interior designers and persons with disabilities
  7. 2011 Access for All workshop for IIT Bhubaneswar and BIT Mesra
  8. 2010 Unnati at Ahmadabad for 27 architects and interior designers
  9. 2009 National Trust, M/o SJE and BITS Mesra service providers, stake holders and persons with disabilities
  10. 2009 Dept of Social Welfare &O/o Commissioner for Persons w/Disabilities NCTD at New Delhi for 20 officers from PWD, NDMC, Health, Education, NGO
  11. 2009 Voluntary Services Overseas (International NGO) at New Delhi for 30 persons from all over India working with NGOs and DPOs
  12. 2009 CBM (International NGO) at Bangalore for 25 persons incl PwDs from all over India and Sri Lanka
  13. 2006 Mobility for All, 1st National Conference on Accessible Transportation & Tourism

Access Co-ordinator or Training Workshops

(Disability Awareness/Experiential Exercise):

  1. 2016- Master Trainer, Accessible India Camping, CPWD Training Academy, Ghaziabad
  2. 2016-ongoing Government of Odisha, Jharkhand, Goa, West Bengal, Delhi, and Chattisgarh
  3. 2012 CPWD, Architects and Engineers, Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), GoI
  4. 2011 CPWD, Architects and Engineers, MoUD
  5. 2010 CPWD, Architects and Engineers, MoUD, Centre for Science & Environment- Government officers, Urban Planners and Engineers
  6. 2009 CPWD, Architects and Engineers, Ghaziabad
    IGNOU, Delhi Non-teaching Staff and Security Guards
    Voluntary Services Overseas, New Delhi
    Christopher Blind Mission (CBM), Bangalore
    Deepshikha NGO, BIT Mesra, service providers, Ranchi
    School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi
  7. 2008 New Delhi Municipal Council: Architects and Engineers, Delhi
    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi: Transport Planners, Professors and Researchers Engineering Department, University of Delhi
    CPWD, Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee


  • Diploma in Graphic Design NIIT
  • Diploma in Printing Technology Jadavpur University
  • Bachelor of Commerce University of Delhi

Download : Debabrata Chakravarti CV (180KB, PDF)