Accessibility Audits and Implementation

Since 1994, Samarthyam has been promoting universal accessibility with the mission to make Incredible India: Inclusive India. Access audits are the baseline assessments undertaken by Samarthyam to make built environment accessible for all.

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Tourism for All

Accessible Tourism in Auroville

“Accessible Tourism” refers to tourism that caters to the needs of a full range of consumers including persons with disabilities, older persons and cross-generational families.

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Education for All

students use steps without handrails in schools

Samarthyam undertake Advocacy and Awareness Raising project on implementation of Accessibility in the Schools, Universities and Learning Environment

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Policy Advocacy and Research

Samarthyam conducts policy advocacy and research to harmonize existing laws, guidelines and access standards with UN CRPD and achieve the goal of inclusive communities and sustainable infrastructure. We undertake policy auditing/ advocacy to include principles of equality and equity with user’s perspective in all policies and processing with accessibility, disability and gender lens.

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Disaster Management and Accessibility Retrofitting

Samarthyam is working to address the lack of appropriate information and practices on inclusive policies and practices on disaster preparedness, accessible early warnings, accessible transportation, and life safety and evacuation of persons with disabilities. Samarthyam can work with broadcasters and Emergency Management Organizations to develop protocols and standard messaging for accessible early warning and the communication of emergency and disaster related information.

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The Commonwealth Games 2010 Stadiums and Sites

The Samarthyam Team providing inputs on streetscaping during implementation

In addition to providing inputs on street design, Samarthyam also conducted access audits and provided recommendations for access improvement to the Delhi Government for Commonwealth Games 2010 based on which work was undertaken in 20 buildings and transport terminus.

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