About us


Samarthyam is a civil society and research organization founded by persons with disabilities in 1994 and registered in 2001. Samarthyam is in Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2015.

We are currently working in five countries of Asia Pacific Region- India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

Under its Project National Centre for Accessible Environments, it evaluates, develops, and promotes universal accessibility in built and outdoor environments, transportation systems, information communication technology and products.

Under its Project and Campaign Women with Disabilities Forum for Action, Samarthyam promote, ensure and uphold rights of girls and women with disabilities.

Our Team

Samarthyam has in-house professional team with more than 12 years of experience, have undertaken national and international projects with implementation results. The team includes access auditors, architect, engineer, planner (urban, physical & transport), road scientist and landscape architects who conduct audits/ assessments of pedestrian environment, buildings, heritage sites, transport infrastructure, vehicles, etc.

Executive Committee

Anjlee Agarwal Profile Image

Anjlee Agarwal

Executive Director

20 years of experience as Access Consultant, Researcher and Author. She is passionate about people friendly spaces where mobility is without barriers.

Debabrata Chakravarti Profile Image

Debabrata Chakravarti

Universal Design Consultant

13 years of experience as Universal Design Expert. He is access audited more than 1800 builidngs and prime tourist spots in the Region.

Nidhi Madan Profile Image

Nidhi Madan

Architect & Landscape Architect

10 years of experience as Access Auditor, Architect & Landscape Architect. Creating a barrier-free, universally-accessible built and transport environment is her passion

Neelima Chakrabarty Profile Image

Dr. Neelima Chakrabarty

Environmental & Traffic Psychology & Right of Way (Hony.)

15 years of experience on road safety and walkability audits and actively engaged in WalkAbility and Road Safety Audits with Samarthyam.

Ashwani Kumar Profile Image

Ashwani Kumar Agarwal

Universal Design Unit Access Consultant

12 years of access auditing and research experience. He has audited more than 3800 public buildings and transit systems in India.

Kanika Sethi Profile Image

Kanika Sethi

Legal Advisor
Access Auditor (Hony.)

11 years of work experience in managing legal affairs and women’s rights. Kanika Sethi is a develop & lead documentation for Individual clients and corporations.

Samiksha Goel Profile Image

Samiksha Goel

Advocacy & Rights

9 years of advocacy and networking experience. Heads Advocacy unit in Samarthyam and is actively involved in Rights based Advocacy.

Simran Kaur Bhinder Urban and Regional Planner

Simran Kaur Bhinder

Urban and Regional Planner

4 years of experience in urban and physical planning, Simran is a researcher and author on universal accessibility.


Gitam Tiwari Profile Image

Dr. Gitam Tiwari

TRIPP Chair Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT, Delhi 

Has extensive research experience in dealing with transportation issues of special relevance to low income countries.

Pradeep Sachdeva Profile Image

Ar. Pradeep Sachdeva

Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA)

Has all-encompassing expertise in designing public spaces, urban renewal of heritage precincts and hotels.

Victor Pineda

Dr. Victor Pineda

United States Access Board

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda is Chair of a committee developing regulations on passenger vehicles in the United States Access Board

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